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May Membership Meeting

For our chapter membership meeting this month, we held our inaugural "Can-struction" food drive!

Attendees brought donation items for the Utah Food Bank, and were split into two teams by team captains, or "Project Managers", Tonya Timothy and Jennifer Campbell. The team members were each allowed to select 5 items to build their project.

The teams were given 15 minutes and 3 item exchanges, and were judged on creativity, style, and constructability.

Team 1 built the "American Beauty Amphitheater", complete with Creamy Peanut Butter presenting an acceptance speech.

Team 2 built a multifamily complex complete with high and low income housing, a gym and pool, a dog park and grooming station, outdoor cafe, pedestrian bridges, and plenty of parking.

And the winner was Team 1 for their impressive structure that stayed balanced even when faced with an "earthquake" (shaking the table).

Congratulations Team 1!

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