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We want to send you to NAWIC Annual Conference!

Each year, our chapter sets aside funds to cover Annual Conference registration fees for a handful of members. This previously was only available to members who had never attended an annual conference and were considered "First Timers".

This year, we are opening the opportunity to ALL NAWIC Salt Lake chapter members! 

If you are interested in attending annual conference and would like to submit your name to be selected for this opportunity, please write ½ - 1 page about why you would like to attend annual conference and what you hope to gain and send it to me at by April 30th

All submissions will be reviewed and voted on by the board and if you are selected, we will contact you to pay for your registration. Please keep in mind that our National bylaws (in Standing Rule 3 of the attached document) require anyone who receives chapter funds to attend a conference to write a report within 45 days.

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