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Mentorship Program

The NAWIC Salt Lake Mentorship Program provides you with a supportive environment to grow your leadership skills, expand your network, and boost your self-confidence. Whether you are a mentor or a mentee, participating in a mentorship program is highly beneficial to your professional and personal growth.


Join as a mentor or a mentee.

Fill out the appropriate application and submit to


Once you're assigned a mentor/mentee, complete the mentorship agreement.

This agreement demonstrates your commitment to your mentor/mentee and sets confidentiality expectations.


Define your goals to work on during the mentorship program.

This will help direct and guide your meetings with your mentor/mentee during the course of your mentorship term.


Meet regularly and complete the monthly worksheet to track your progress.

As you continue to develop your mentorship relationship, the conversations you have during your meetings may be more organic - but using the monthly worksheet is a great guide to ensure you're staying on track.


Submit a mid-term assessment.

The mid-term assessment will allow us to make sure that the mentorship program is providing you with the expected benefits, and allow you to re-align towards your goals with your mentor/mentee.


Complete your final assessment.

Provide feedback on the outcome of the mentorship term to help us continue to improve the mentorship program for future participants.

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